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domenica 1 novembre 2015

Songs of the week - 23

Le mie canzoni dell'ultima settimana sono...
  • Il capolavoro della mia band preferita;
  • Un singolo acustico del nuovo progetto di Anneke van Giersbergen e Arjen Lucassen;
  • Una power ballad tratta da uno dei migliori album metal del 2015.

Epica - Kingdom of Heaven (A New Age Dawns, part V)

Quantum physics lead us to, answers to the great taboos.
We create the world around us! God is every living soul!
Guide us safety through the gates of death!
All that we can ever see,
Until we leave this frail existence,
Is just a shadow of reality.
Death is not the final instance.
We are linked in every way
And we're strong as our weakest fragment.
The Gentle Storm - Endless Sea (Gentle Version)

What I'd give to hold you in my arms and be together,
Though the sea has called your name.
In ever sweet surrender, we will find our way.
TesseracT - Tourniquet 

No time to sleep as I begin to weep.
Life is fleeting.
I tighten fast inside your tourniquet.
Stop the bleeding.
Your tenderness, your softened skin:
All I needed.

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