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domenica 4 ottobre 2015

Songs of the week - 20

Nell'ultima settimana sono entrato in fissa con...
  • Un brano di una band rock/metal olandese perfetta per festeggiare l'arrivo dell'autunno;
  • Un singolo EDM di un eccezionale compositore e produttore;
  • La title-track dell'album d'esordio di un'interessante cantautrice statunitense.
Autumn - Skydancer

Outside the wind is roaring, beyond control or melody;
A frantic composition, void of vision, harmony.
Pick a leaf to lead the dance to higher skies!
Imagination needs no eyes: shut your eyes to look inside!
Carried by the wind to spin within the symphony,
Reborn to the sky, over clouds of gold I glide.
Varien ft. Veela - Supercell

Child of Iris, calming crisis,
You're invited to come down.
Silver skin cells, simply held
In a cradle, hopefully found.
Meg Myers - Sorry

So take me to the start and take me to that kiss,
'cause I got to know, baby, what I’ll forget!
Sorry that I lost our love, without a reason why.
Sorry that I lost our love, you really hurts sometimes.

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