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domenica 16 agosto 2015

Songs of the week - 14

Salve! Avete passato un buon Ferragosto? Io... nì. Ho bevuto troppo e ho dormito troppo poco, per cui sono ancora un po' scombussolato. Santo sia fatto Lu', che da bravo amico mi sopporta anche quando dovrebbe prendermi a ceffoni.
Anyway, le canzoni che mi hanno fatto andare in fissa negli ultimi sette giorni sono...
  • Una delle bonus track dell'ultimo album della mia band preferita;
  • Un brano con un testo in cui mi rispecchio molto;
  • Un brano adatto ai "cieli inglesi" degli ultimi giorni, cantato da uno dei migliori cantanti al mondo e da una cantante olandese.
Epica - Memento
Her face in red outrules the law, her eyes got caught in devil's claws.
Entice me, beguile me!
Ignite me! What's left of me?
I relish your sweet innocence.
Losing battles, poisoned apples... did you find what you're asking for?
In secret silence, practiced violence name the damned...
Gravitating around the fire that burns the sand...
The secret, shining, keeps on turning, imprisons me!
Chasing hunger, a demon's thunder is wounding lambs!
Molly Sandén - Freak
Am I alone with the thoughts that I have? I'm afraid that I'm scared of myself!
Am I the only one to doubt who I am? Wish I was someone else!
Everytime I try to swim, it pulls me, pulls me deeper down.
Everytime I try to fly, it holds me, holds me to the groud.
The enemy is inside of me!
Would be easier to fight someone else than the war I fight within...
It's impossible to hide from yourself: where do I begin?
Everytime I dare to dream it wakes me, wakes me with a cry.
Kamelot feat. Charlotte Wessels - Under Grey Skies
In the ruins of madness a ghost of a chance...
There is new hope reborn in every tragedy.
And the world I see bares a mystery waiting to be revealed.
And don’t you know that every cloud has a silver lining?
When I drown in my fears, in the darkness of sorrow,
There’s a promise of grace under silver grey skies.
And I’m drying my tears in the blaze of the sunlight, a reviere sealed with a kiss.
You may call me a dreamer, call me a fool!

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