Dolendo novit mortalis vitam

Dolendo discit mori mortalis

domenica 12 luglio 2015

Songs of the week - 9

Roniit - Infernal Anxiety
I know that my life will carry on.
I know that in time my fears are gone.
I feel that I'm growing ever strong.
But I'm wrong!
Ne ObliviscarisPainters Of The Tempest 

Angels fall into the canvas, reaching for the light.
Heaven is empty and all the beauty is here.
Hear the children breathless sleep
Where they dream a new day!
Susanne Sundfør - It's All Gone Tomorrow
Well it was all a lie! It was all a motion picture crime!
If I wanted to jump out of a window,
I'd probably change my mind between the eight and seventh floor.
I cannot see across the border anymore!
I am in a maze waving white flags on every single corner.
And right above my eyes I see the credits coming to life.

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