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domenica 26 luglio 2015

Songs of the week - 11

Leandra - Wake Up Call
Surrender to the fighter you have never been before!.
Keep moving, your reality’s an open door!
Pretender, wake up and see the glory of it all!
Remember: the more you dig, in deeper holes you fall!

You spent so many time on wrapping and crippling the facts of your life.
So, please, don’t underline what has to be four should be five.
And even when it’s dark outside and they’re after me and they shoot me down...
I’ll survive!
Arch Enemy - Time Is Black
From a distance, the truth is so obvious,
Answers are all so clear.
If I could pull the fabric of time
And bring the future near,
The answers wouldn't be so far,
The truth would be so clear.
From a distance, time is black,
Tangible and dense.
With each rotation a new day passed
And past, at last, makes sense.
There where past obstacles seem
Just pebbles on your path...
Loïc Nottet - Rhythm Inside
Be your enemy or lover!
We are put here to discover
The heart that beats within each other.
The rhythm inside is telling us
We can fly tomorrow!
On the beautiful wind that blows,
On a cosmic track, love attack.
I‘m gonna get that rhythm back!

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