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giovedì 21 maggio 2015

Songs fo the week - 2

Nell'ultima settimana sono entrato in fissa con...

Roniit - Runaway
Nothing's here anymore, 
I don't feel the light you shine.

My smile hides behind my empty eyes.
I don't feel anymore
, waiting for the afterglow
I fade away into the unknown!
Draw me in like a flame, yielding fast into the undertow!
Delta Rae - Cold Day in Heaven
The sky’s dark and the flowers are frozen. The world is hushed.
Our guardian angels have turned their backs on us.
Something broken, I thought I could fix it, but it’s broken me!
Your kisses are poison, all your words are treason!
Porcelain Black - Curiosity

I wanna know, wanna know how you do it.
I wanna know, wanna know how you use it.
Sugar and spice, make it naughty and nice!
I wanna know, wanna know: come and prove it!
I wanna see, wanna see you lose it.
I just want to taste your sex!

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